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Name: Sean Gerty

Age: 19

Ethnicity: Italian & Irish (white)

Pronouns: he/him/his

Constantly grasping muse from his friends, Sean Gerty is a musician based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Holding 152,467 monthly listeners and a total of 885,129 streams on Spotify he encapsulates people with his soft dream pop esque tracks. Just as others, Sean loves his friends and the time he is able to spend time with them. Though, he goes beyond to encapsulate these experiences by writing songs from his friend's perspective as well as about them. As an additional little fun fact, Sean likes his preference for his preferred length of sleeve to be "definitely long enough to be rolled and still end right at [his] hand."



by Chloe Docto

TB: Initially, what drew you to music?

S: I used to (and still sometimes do) perform poetry around St. Louis, and I also did theatre in high school. I loved the lyricism and originality of writing and performing poetry, and I also loved singing and the musical aspect of theatre. After high school I just decided to combine the to and I started making music.

TB: What genre of music would you consider the music that you create?

S: I would consider it indie/dream pop. I’m not good at deciding which genre I am working in.

TB: Who are some artists that inspire you?

S: As a songwriter, I am inspired by cavetown, blackbear, and Mac Ayres. As a producer, I look up to Aries, FINNEAS, and Louis the Child.

TB: What is your creative process behind writing songs like? Like what do you draw inspiration from?

S: I draw inspiration from experiences and emotions I experience, but equally that my friends experience. I am trying to move away from only writing love songs and shifting into other topics and being with my friends (in whatever way is possible) is helping find that inspiration.

TB: “Sunset Wife”, your single, is such bop. What’s it about and what inspired you to write it?

S: Haha thanks. I wrote the song with Emmett Mulrooney, who is an incredibly talented musician and we kind of just wanted to write a stupid little summertime love song. I guess Emmett wrote it about his girlfriend (which is cute i guess), and I just kind of took little pieces from different relationships I’ve been in in the past.

TB: What’s your favorite line from “Sunset Wife”?

S: I really like my line, “you thrift everything you wear and get tattoos to match your hair”. I really am not too sure who I am talking about, but sounds cool.

TB: What’s your advice to teens who are interested but too scared to put themselves out there?

S: Please do it. Trust me, the people in your life that really matters will not judge you for expressing yourself and creating something. Also, anyone that has ever put themselves out there will welcome you into this wonderfully weird little community with open arms.






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