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Name: Iko Tabb

Age: 18

Ethnicity: White

Preferred Pronouns: he/him

Putting all his energy and productivity into motion, Iko is able to channel his strengths into making music. Along with creating music, Iko finds himself adventuring in the outdoors and writing anything from screenplays to poetry to lyrics. From Portland, Maine he spends the majority of his time outside because it "inspires [him] more [in terms of his] creativity and also fresh air just makes [him] jolly."



by Chloe Docto

TB: Initially, what drew you to music?

I: A couple of my friends were starting to really get into it. They had formed a small group in Sophomore year called BigDaddyGang (which you should listen to, they are very good). I wanted to try my luck in music as well so I joined in with the encouragement of them.

TB: What genre of music would you consider the music that you create?

I: I would refer to it as Indie Pop probably. Sometimes I call it Boppy Pop because I feel like it makes you bop around, at least the bouncy songs do.

TB: Who are some artists that inspire you?

I: My biggest inspirations are probably Puma Blue, Dayglow, Dominic Fike, Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and ROLE MODEL.

TB: What is your creative process behind writing songs like? Like what do you draw inspiration from?

I: I normally don’t let myself try to write a song unless I am really in the headspace to do it. I feel that if I try to force it, the song will be awful. I usually end up producing a beat at some point and then months later, I’ll recover that beat and write some lyrics on it and record. I usually draw inspiration from my emotions at different times and how mentally stable I am. I like to write songs when I’m feeling stable.

TB: “Mismatched Socks”, your single on Spotify, is a bop. What’s it about and what inspired you to write it?

I: I was inspired to write Mismatched Socks a couple of months ago when I began to regain feelings for a girl that I had previously liked a lot. I wrote the song about that feeling when you really like someone and all you can think about is that person because they are so damn cool. Because I had liked this girl before though, it felt weird to find myself falling for her again and that’s where the title comes from. I’m happy but I’m out of wack, just like how Mismatched Socks are fun but they also resemble messiness.

TB: What’s your favorite line from “Mismatched Socks”?

I: “I think I’m falling for you, late nights Jimmy Fallon for you”

TB: On your Tik Tok I find that you’re compared to Matthew Gray Gubler quite a lot. What’s your take on it?

I: It’s funny. I don’t think that I look like him, it’s just the hair. I’ll take it though, he’s a good-looking dude.



Apple Music: Iko Tabb




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