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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Name: Kaleb Gella

Age: left up to your imagination

Ethnicity: Filipino and Chinese

Pronouns: he/him

A pretty boy from the UK, Kaleb can be considered a fashion enthusiast. Culminating 16.8K followers on Instagram, he is able to showcase his fire fits and killer gaze. Aside from the time he spends in the world of fashion he enjoys looking at art. As a child, Kaleb had been interested in the Architecht career path but has been drawn in instead by his love for fashion.



by Chloe Docto

TB: How you involved in the fashion industry?

K: I do a lot of clothing designs for different people and brands, I also do a lot of marketing, and I kinda insta influence with fashion.

TB: Initially, how did you become interested in fashion?

K: Well ever since I was little I loved fashion. I always loved art and fashion is art. I think anything can be art in your own opinion.

TB: What are something/people that inspire you and your fashion sense?

K: Art, music, different vibes in my day/life, places I have been, and architecture.

TB: How would you describe your style?

K: I don't know I don’t really describe my own fashion of art I let other people do that because my style changes.

TB: Where are your favorite places to shop?

K: So a lot of my clothes I get from a lot of different people. I have a lot of private sellers I get stuff from. I have a jeans guy, archived pieces guy, different random clothing and sum rare stuff but I definitely have a lot of different sources I get stuff from

TB: What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

K: Man, probably older designer clothing or just simple high quality clothing, oh and I love jeans right now I have like 125 something pairs of jeans.

TB: How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account?

K: Idk 20 minutes maybe. It really just depends on my mood that day.

TB: Who takes your pics?

K: Umm different people but most times my younger siblings.

TB: What’s your go-to piece of clothing/accessory that you can always rely on?

K: Right now my tote bag and for clothing is of course my jeans.





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