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Name: Charlie Keats

Age: 19

Ethnicity: White

Pronouns: he/him

With 304.9K followers and 8.7M likes on Tik Tok, Charlie is able to share lighthearted videos whilst simultaneously tackling major social and political topics. He also remains to catch the attention of his viewers with his chic sense of style and his artistic abilities. Aside from his Tik Tok, he also runs a youtube channel and is currently a student attending The University of Tennessee studying neuroscience!



by Chloe Docto

TB: How would you describe your sense of style?

C: I love style, I pride myself on my thoughtfulness of how I dress. I would describe my sense of style as fairly design-oriented. I look at silhouettes and colors before logos.

TB: Where are your favorite places to shop?

C: Anaconda vintage here in Nashville, Grailed, and flea markets.

TB: What is it like to have a following on Tik Tok? Would you say it has affected other aspects of your life?

C: It's definitely a double-edged sword. I love connecting with hundreds of thousands of unique individuals worldwide, but the algorithms of social media like to put creators inboxes. This results in being heard, but typically by people who already agree with me.

TB: On your Tik Tok you showcase some of your art! How did you get into art?

C: I love this question. I got into art in the seventh grade when I went to a new school and I met a bunch of kids that rode the bus with me that liked to draw graffiti. This taught me a lot about colors, linework, and how fun art could be to freely express myself.

TB: How would you describe your artwork style?

C: Separated from reality but grounded in human emotion.

TB: What is your creative process behind creating a piece like?

C: Put on music, gather my tools, and relax my thoughts onto paper or canvas.

TB: Do your pieces have any particular meaning emotionally, expressively, or are they just spur of the moment?

C: 100% spur of the moment.




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