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Name: Bobby Chaniel

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Asian

Pronouns: he/him

An artist based out of New Paltz, New York, Bobby creates music between hard melodic trap and some blend of R&B/Pop. When he's not making music he enjoys playing the mainline Pokemon games, watching shonen anime, exploring DIY streetwear fashion, and taking care of his dreadlocks.



by Chloe Docto

TB: Where are you based?

B: I grew up in the borough of Queens in New York City...but now, I am based in the town of New Paltz, New York.

TB: Initially, what drew you to music?

B: I was always artistically inclined since I was born. Growing up, I began listening to

classical piano music and took art classes at a young age. When I turned nine years old, I started taking piano lessons (out of my own volition) and developed a passion for music around twelve years old. That was when I was certain that music was my path. I auditioned for Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School and initially wanted to get accepted to the instrumental music program for my piano...but I was offered a spot in the vocal music department. Therefore, I chose to study and train in classical voice for those next four years. Now I’m in college studying recording & sound engineering.

TB: What genre of music would you consider the music that you create?

B: Contrary to my music education, I consider the genres of music I create between hard melodic trap and some blend of R&B/Pop.

TB: Who are some artists that inspire you?

B: Eminem was the reason I started listening to Hip-Hop/Rap.

I remember listening to him whenever I was full of angst and hate towards the world; hearing his aggressive tone and lyrical prowess really helped release my negative emotions. I was very inspired by XXXTentacion back in 2017. He taught me how to be myself through my own music and to not be afraid to express myself.

Now I’m more inspired by underground artists on SoundCloud. There is so much talent and energy that is just waiting to break into the mainstream and seeing everyone’s success gives me the drive to go harder in my own songs.

TB: What is your creative process behind writing songs like? Like what do you draw inspiration from?

B: Honestly, I’m still trying to figure this one out. Most of the time, I just write lyrics with no beat in mind to lay out an idea or concept. Sometimes, I start by producing my own beats and manifesting a story that fits the soundscape I created. Other times, producers will send me beats and it would speak to me. If I could hear

myself going crazy on that beat, then I would lay down my vocals and make a song.

On occasion, when collaborating with other artists whose creative processes are more spontaneous, I would freestyle more. On rare moments I would just hit record on my voice memo when I’m singing or playing the piano to capture the raw musical conversation I am having with myself. All in all, I try to gather inspiration for songwriting in many ways as long as it works.

TB: How would you describe your image/brand? What are you trying to translate to your audience?

B: Right now, my brand’s image is a picture of my own drawing digitized.

I believe art is supposed to express something that words cannot easily do.

Same with music. So when I post on social media or upload a song on SoundCloud or even Spotify/iTunes, it captures how I want to express myself at that current moment. I am trying to translate a sense of evolution to my audience, the need to constantly learn new ways to express human emotion whether it may be through an image, sound, video, etc.

TB: With your music career, what’s your main goal? Do you want to pursue this as your full-time job?

B: My main goal for my music career is to be able to do what I love and survive off it.

I want to perform at shows, collaborate with dope visionaries, write, record, mix, and master my

own music and eventually be involved in every step of the creative process when it comes to providing cool content for my fans. I am making it my life’s purpose to pursue music full time. That’s why I’m here on The Bolded because I am passionate and no one's gonna stop me.








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