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Name: Zach

Ethnicity: African American & Japanese

Pronouns: he/him

To the meer eye, Zach, a music artist based in Philly/New Jersey, may appear to be an average guy but as he said, "my life is actually nuts [...] you listen to my music and you're like what the hell [...] it's everywhere." When he's not curating a new song he's out skating, playing soccer, hanging out with friends in Philly, going to museums, and thrifting. He's also passionate about playing Super Smash Bros with his friends, and he says "[he] can take anyone on with Jiggly Puff". Anime is also something Zach is passionate about he enjoys Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Dragonballz, and many others. A little fun fact! Zach actually has a song names based off of an experience he had at one of his concerts in which he says, "it's really about a girl that I lost at my concert which was insane because I was interested in for a while but I messed up so I made a song about it.

TB: How did you get into music?

Z: How I got into music is kind of weird because there were multiple reasons why I got into it. When I was younger I would watch WWE and be so interested in the entrance music, I was terrible at music games and my parents will play a lot of music when I was around while we were cleaning up the house. I would song write when I was little and I would do little covers with Grxyice in school, but Calvin Deshon was the person who helped me actually got me to release music. He liked how I sang and I thought I would be good when I didn’t think I could be.

TB: Who are some artists that inspire you?

Z: Artist that I’m really inspired would XXXTentacion, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Lil Uzi, Nirvana, and Michael Jackson.

TB: What is your process of writing songs? What environment and headspace are you in?

Z: [As for] my writing process for my songs, is I like to let my ADHD just take over and think of whatever comes to my mind first and I just let it roam pretty much. The environment that I like is to be in to make music with others, I love to randomly call friends like Plug P Beats, Kidicarus and Attari on the phone just talk and those conversations inspire me with some of my lyrics. When I'm with Calvin Deshon recording, he matches my ADHD energy which helps us write off each other which is cool because it feels natural.

TB: What is your main goal? Do you want to pursue this as your full-time job?

Z: my main goal is to make music that helps others express themselves and I would love to make it a full-time job.

TB: With your collective being in Copenhagen how would you compare the music scene there to the one in Philly?

Z: The music scene is a lot more welcoming to others compared to Philly scene [because] nobody really supports another unless you're Meek Mill or Uzi, but as an outsider who isn’t in Copenhagen I can see a lot of talents people like Plug P Beats, Attari, and Jonas with the photography.

TB: Who are your favorite people to collaborate with? If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Z: My favorite people I have collabed with is everyone in my collective ‘ Street Rejects’ which includes Plug P Beats, Calvin Deshon, Kidicarus, Attari and Saucy Lawsy. People I want to collab with are Frank Ocean, Jaden Smith, Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Uzi, and Daniel Caesar.

TB: What's the inspiration behind your most recent project?

Z: Also for inspiration for my new project my girlfriend Anna actually inspired me to make it house music because I know how much she loves house music so I made 3 house music songs for her.

↓ This painting below was created by Zach's girlfriend!



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