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1.2* FRED

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Name: Fred

Age: 15

Pronouns: he/him

Fred, an entrepreneur from the UK, is a student with the dream of making a name for himself. He loves making things such as learning how technology works, running his business, and finding and exploring new fashion styles from brands like Off-white, Palace, and Supreme.

TB: How would you describe your business?

F: I run a start-up business, VIPMedia, in my hometown near London. VIPMedia is a concept I had from a younger age; inside of VIPMedia, I run my music production (MoneyTrainEntertainment) and my clothing brand (NGOS or Nobody Gets Out Sober).

TB: What makes your business unique?

F: I set my business apart by not only working with my clients, but I also create a lasting friendship with every single one of them. I get to know my clients and I learn about their experiences while I work with them, and that's how I get top-notch results from every project.

TB: What is your main goal?

F: My main goal is to leave the world inspired. I want people to know me for starting my business young, so I can inspire more and more young people to follow their dreams and make a name for themselves.

TB: What inspired you to start your business?

F: My cousin from the United States has worked with mega music celebs in the past, and he is one of my biggest inspirations when it came to starting VIPMedia. He has starred in songs performed by celebrities like Lady Gaga, and he has been on a Netflix documentary showing him producing music with celebs in the US. Thanks to him I now work with music, clothing, and many other different types of artists and designers across the globe.





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