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1.1* PLUG

Name: Plug (aka Pavel)

Age: 16

Ethnicity: Eastern European (Macedonian)

Pronouns: he/him

Plug, a producer based in Copenhagen, works with artists around the world; he appears on 25+ EPs and singles. Collectively on Spotify and SoundCloud, he has over 200 followers. Plug says,"when I’m in the mood to make music, I don’t let anything distract me and I work until I physically can’t anymore. I usually stay up really late making music with people who live in different time zones.

When he's not producing he's out playing basketball or hanging out with his friends and he says,"Whenever I’m with friends and others I love to be loud and obnoxious, I love doing that."

TB: How did you start producing/ when did you become a producer?

P: I started getting into EDM music when I was around 13. I would try remaking EDM songs in FL Studio, the software I still use, until I found my way around the program. I taught myself how to use FL Studio and that allowed me to be a lot more creative with my music as I did not learn traditional composing techniques, giving me more freedom to be creative with my songs.

TB: Where are you based out of?

P: I was born in Macedonia and moved to Budapest, Hungary when I was 4. I lived there for 10 years but Copenhagen, where I've lived for only 2 years has felt the most like home to me. I've met most of my fellow artists and producers after moving here and i've made the most music (that i'm proud of) here.

TB: What is your process of producing like for you? Like what do you draw inspiration from?

P: Other music. I listen to a lot of underground music on soundcloud. I always find something to inspire me since all underground music is independent meaning artists usually have more freedom to be creative, which I really enjoy hearing and usually gets me inspired. If that doesn’t work, I hit up Yung Blasian or Attari to make some music from a completely different genre.

TB: Who are some artists/producers that inspire you?

P: Yung blasian and Calvin DeShon have been 2 artists and friends that always inspired me and kept me going throughout my entire (short) career. I also enjoy working with Attari, since we’re close friends and we always experiment with different genres. Doing music with these specific people is the reason I am so versatile with my production and I make almost every genre of music.

TB: Who are your favorite people to collaborate and work together with?

P: The same people that inspire me. The person who probably pushes me the most is Yung Blasian, who always hits me up with different ideas for a new genre or sound that he wants to experiment with. We always have the same vision for the songs we do and our ideas always fuse well. Kidicarus is always fun to work with because our energy always matches on every song and he’s always hyped up and enthusiastic with every song we work on. Attari will always be one of my favorites as I’ve worked with him from the start of his career.

TB: What is your main goal? Do you want to pursue this as your full time job?

P: It's been a dream of mine to make a living doing music mostly because I don’t see it as a job, and if I can do that full-time, I won’t.







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