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Name: Erykah

Age: 16

Ethnicity: African American

Pronouns: she/her

Erykah founded and runs a black-owned business in which she provides hair services and creates skin and lip products. She's very passionate about hair and started working on hair when she was about 14. Additionally, Erykah absolutely loves making people smile and laugh.

TB: What inspired you to start your business?

E: What inspired me was my boyfriend believe it or not. He knows how I feel about my hair and he knows I literally change it like almost every other week. He saw my skills and told me I should start doing this not only for the practice but also to make others happy and I love to see people feel happy.

TB: How would you describe your business?

E: My business is black-owned, I’m also doing skin and lip products. I like to do hair because not only does it make people feel beautiful but it’s their crown. I feel like hair describes who you are. And that is why I always wear my hair differently.

TB: What is unique about your business?

E: Well I feel like the unique thing about it is being black-owned.

TB: What can clients have done, and what is your specialty?

E: My specialty is definitely cornrowing and adding crochet hair. I also do cute styles with rubber bands.

TB: Do you have a target consumer?

E: My target consumer is young people my age with all hair types

TB: What is your main goal? Do you want to pursue this as your career or side hustle?

E: My main goal is to show people what I can do. I wanna prove to others that as a black teenage girl that I can do what I want and be successful. And I definitely want this to be my career.





Reach Erykah through her email:


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