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Name: Attari

Age: 15

Ethnicity: Jordanian

Pronouns: he/him

Attari, a music artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has 498 followers on both Spotify and SoundCloud collectively. With 10 singles released he has 42K streams on SoundCloud alone. He's collaborated with the likes of Surfskrt, Rio Leyva, Kill Austin, and ProdSpaceman on multiple tracks that are most likely my favorite. Attari also works very closely with Plug P Beats/heyimaproducer on a daily basis creating songs of multiple genres, which he said was an "overall great experience for both of [them]". As for pastimes, time to time he likes to play some basketball with friends but mostly records music [with them].

TB: How did you get into music?

A: To start it off, honestly Plug P Beats/heyimaproducer was the kickstart of me making music. As close friends, I've learned that he was able to make beats that artists use to create music. After then, I recorded a couple of songs took a short break and loved the experience of recording ever since.

TB: Where are you from?

A: I'm from Amman, Jordan most of my childhood was in Amman however I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in my early Primary years.

TB: What's the music scene like in Copenhagen, Denmark?

A: Generally Danish music seems to be very upbeat and happy and that's a positive thing. A lot of talented artists are based in Copenhagen and it's generally a nice community to work with.

TB: Who are some artists that inspire you?

A: Artists that inspire me are honestly Glaive, Ericdoa, Quinn, Surf, Angelus, and a wide variety of artists that I'm close friends with :) All of them make great music and love to see them grow in different ways.

TB: What is your process of writing songs?

A: When I write songs, it's honestly at my front desk with my computer on listening to the beat on and on and see how I feel at that certain point. I try to keep the song I'm working on relevant to my emotions.

TB: Who are your favorite people to collaborate with?

A: As producers, I always love working with Plug P Beats/heyimaproducer, Rio Leyva, Kill Austin, ProdSpaceman, and Kidicarus. Generally speaking for artists, I always loved working with Surf, Yung Blasian, Calvin Deshon, Angelus and hope to keep making music with them! If I could collaborate with any artists it'd generally be Ericdoa, Glaive, Notlieu, Midwxst, and a variety of different artists. They all make amazing music and would love to work with them.

TB: What is your main goal?

A: Do you want to pursue this as your full-time job? If all works well, I'd love to do what I like every day as a full-time job. Honestly, making music as a job for me could be something very inspiring as itself, doing something you like on a daily basis is something special and I'd love to have music as my full-time job.



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