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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Name: Trinity

Age: 16

Ethnicity: Black/African American

Pronouns: she/her

Trinity's a 16 year old high school student with a love for fashion! Her peers describe her as a "beautiful soul" due to her infectious smile and down to earth energy that she brings into any room. She hopes that one day the passion that she has for fashion will allow her a career in the fashion industry.

TB: What inspires your fashion sense?

T: When I was younger Japan drew my attention. I was in love with culture and fashion, but what really drew me in was Harajuku. I loved how the girls incorporated bright colors and unique pieces in their clothing . I adored their confidence and bold statements so this inspired to me to wear bright colors and feel beautiful. As I got older I began to get my inspiration from the 90s . I idolize everything in this time frame so I figured why not, in my opinion this was the best dressed time era!

TB: How would you describe your look make-up wise?

T: Right now make -up wise I’m enjoying the “soft girl” and “alt girl” looks. I think they’re bold choices of makeup , and who doesn’t love a eye look to dazzle up an outfit.

TB: How is your fashion sense a part of your identity?

T: I wouldn’t say my fashion sense is anything special but it’s an important part of me, it’s where I can express myself and be own person. Life is too short to be caring about what other people think, so I say do what you love , feel confident, and have fun. Hopefully in the future I continue with my passion for fashion and maybe make a career out of it!





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