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1.0* NOAHH

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Name: Noahh

Age: 16

Ethnicity: Irish and Danish

Pronouns: he/him

Noahh is a pop and rap artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark who has created 12 Singles and 1 album. His album "Noahh", with a total of 10 tracks, dropped July 1, 2020; "Noahh" can be streamed on soundcloud, spotify, and apple music. With a collective of 1,800+ followers streaming his content on both spotify and soundcloud, he has also generated a total of over 50,000 streams on both platforms.

TB: What got you into making music?

N: My Dad had always been doing music and works for the company, supercell. He had a lot of equipment [from his job and previous music interest] which I then used for my music. So, that's how I got started.

TB: Who are some artists that inspire you?

N: I listen to a lot of underground so the likes of Koi, Tommy Ice, Midwxst, and Ericdoa inspired me a lot. In the mainstream The Goodbye and Goodriddance inspired me a lot when I made sad music. Nav is also a big inspiration.

TB: What is your process of writing songs like? What do you draw inspiration from?

N: I record/write bar for bar when I'm at the studio, but when I'm not at the studio I like to write my songs, go on bike rides, and go on walks to the water [for inspiration]. Very cliche but it honestly inspires me like crazy.

TB: What is your main goal? Do you want to pursue this as your full time job?

N: My main goal is to make it my full time job. I don't care about numbers a lot; I just want the numbers to be good enough for me to do it for a living.

TB: Who are your favorite people to collaborate and work together with?

N: I love working with my collective, sewerbratz. The likes of Lil Drip, Kais, and Suckerpunk are also very cool to work with.



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