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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Name: Jonas

Age: 16

Ethnicity: Danish and Persian

Pronouns: he/him

Jonas is a photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has always had been fascinated by both digital and film photography, though as of now he mainly works with film. In addition, Jonas says "[he's] always surrounded by music [...] , but also surrounded by artists [...] as he has friends that made music and still do." For example, Attari, RIP BUNGEE, Plug P Beats, Yung Blasian and many others. Some of which [he] had the privilege to work with and photograph.

TB: What inspires you and your photography?

J: I have been fascinated by many different photographers but one stands out from the others, Gunner Stahl. I have for a while seen what he has done and felt inspired by him and his photos. My goal in life is to be able to photograph some people as big as the people he photographs from Lil Yachty to Playboi Carti. One artist I wish I could have photographed in my life who was also a huge inspiration for me was Juice Wrld, but sadly he passed away. And I know these hopes of photographing these famous people probably will never happen, [but] there will always be something inside of me that wants it to happen.

TB: How did you get into photography?

J: I started taking photos a long time ago. But I started on a digital camera which I really enjoyed for many years taking some of my best pictures and over time also getting very good at it but after a while it got boring so I stopped for half a year or so and I realized in that time that I missed it I missed the excitement of taking a good photo than editing the photo than uploading it so I started again, but this time I wanted something new so I started shooting with film and since then never gotten bored.

TB: How would you describe your style of photography?

J: I would describe my photography style as rough, diverse, and imperfect. I have never really liked the idea of a clean photo. A clean photo doesn’t make an impact on people. But something that is slightly off-balance or out of focus or a little grainy always finds a way of making what I feel is a deeper impact. Regarding diversity, I shoot anything and everything, if I feel that something would be a nice photo I do it. I obviously have my preferences one of which being I love shooting portraits and pictures of people but I’m open to all of it. And imperfect because nothing can be perfect for everyone but for me, it’s just right.

TB: Why do you prefer film photography?

J: I prefer film because I feel it gets so much more personal than when its digital because you have to be careful with what you choose to use your film on. I also like the idea of waiting to get the result. When it comes to digital I get very annoyed because the picture doesn’t come out how I want it to so I take it again and again but with the film, you have the slowdown and realize there’s nothing you can do about it anymore.



ig: @ripbungee & @heyattari

ig: @rip.noahh & @semhmkt





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