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Name: Gabrielle

Age: 16

Ethnicity: Filipino

Pronouns: she/her

Gabrielle is a high school student and photographer based in Roseville, CA.

She started a photography account (on instagram) in 2018 where she specializes in portrait photography. She's currently going into her senior year! When she's not out taking pictures she enjoys video editing, art, being with her friends and family, and watching movies. Gabrielle says she's "always looking forward to new adventures and new ways to be creative!"

TB: How did you get into photography?

G: I have always loved taking photos of absolutely everything since I first discovered what a camera was. But, I first started taking it seriously in June 2017 when I travelled to the east coast on a school trip. I brought my camera because I had never been to the east coast before and I wanted to capture everything, for the memories. But throughout that week, I was taking photos of all my friends and that's when I realized how much I truly loved this. Once I got back home, I would do very small photoshoots with some of my friends until June 2018 when I decided to share my work and created my account!

TB: What inspires you and your photography?

G: Some things that help me become more inspired and become more creative is work from the other collectives i am apart of like @changingwomxn & @thedefiantmagazine. These collectives and so many more inspire me so much as there are so many young creatives working, and producing more content everyday. 

TB: How would you describe your photography style?

G: As I specialize in portraits, my photography mean I mostly work with people and models. As I work more with teens myself, my style of photography completely revolves around them. I use my photography to capture these happy and cheerful memories of the adolescent life. So, I would describe my style as less editorial and more candid and fun.

TB: Do you prefer digital or film photography?

G: I prefer digital, mostly because it's what I first started out with and what I first learned. Film photography is absolutely beautiful and I have yet to explore all of it, but I am definitely looking forward to learning more about it.

TB: Do you want to pursue photography as your career in the future?

G: I would love to keep pursuing photography in the future because it has definitely become more than a passion for me. I can't even imagine letting go of it. As for being a full time freelance photographer, I am not sure, but who knows, you never know what the future holds.




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