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Name: Ashley Age: 15

Ethnicity: Chinese

Pronouns: she/her

Ashley is a 15 year old youtuber and photographer with a love for fashion. She was born in Puerto Rico and recently moved to California. Due to living in different countries Ashley is trilingual; she can speak Spanish, English, and Cantonese. Some of her favorite hobbies include baking, dancing, photography, and creating content for her youtube channel!

TB: What kind of content do you make on youtube?

A: On my youtube channel I will be posting content such as: vlogs, makeup, fashion, baking (maybe), [my] photoshoot process, and so much more! Basically, I will be posting content that I'm passionate about!

TB: What's your main goal with your youtube channel?

A: My main goal on Youtube is to show my real personality through my vlogs (I'm pretty much an introvert which makes it harder to do this irl) and to just inspire people!

TB: What is your creative process behind doing a photoshoot? What inspires you?

A: My creative process behind a photoshoot consists of Pinterest, Tik Tok, Instagram, and fashion! I get inspired through these platforms and sort of recreate these photoshoots but I put my own little twist to them. However, a good amount of my photoshoot ideas randomly cross my mind at the most random times! I like to be creative and unique with my photoshoots. It’s exciting when I bring my ideas to life!

TB: Where are your favorite places to shop?

A: Some of the places I like to shop at would be: Pacsun, Garage, Tilly’s, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Nike, and Shein (trendy and cheap clothes)!

TB: How would you describe your fashion sense?

A: I would describe my fashion sense as: urban, edgy, simple, versatile, and retro. However, I’m currently trying to update my closet to minimalistic, y2k, and maybe adding some blazers for a more classy look!

TB: Would you say that your different interests help each other (youtube, photography, and fashion)?

A: I believe that my different passions definitely help each other out. For example, my fashion sense helps me create better photoshoots because I already have many ideas of certain clothes that could potentially help my work stand out the most or just look better in general. It also helps me come up with truly amazing photoshoot ideas. Each outfit gives off their own unique vibe and if I really wanted to wear that certain clothing, it may help me brainstorm creative photoshoots that would match or help my outfit stand out better. Another example would be photography, because of my knowledge in this area, it helps me take better pictures for my photoshoots. For example, the camera settings are one of the most important factors for taking your photos! It allows enhancing and creating those different vibes for your pictures while also letting you show what you want people to know or see in your photos! Lastly, photography has helped me create better content for Youtube since I already knew what specific settings my camera would need to be in to achieve better quality in my videos. In conclusion, youtube is a good place to promote my photoshoots! Let's say that I posted a video about my photoshoot process and it had gone viral, this could really help me get more recognition for my work!






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