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Name: Antoinette

Age: 17

Ethnicity: Filipino and Spanish

Pronouns: she/her

Antoinette is a high school student in California. She has a passion for music and fashion.

Music has always been a big influence in her life; she has been playing piano since she was 9, joined choir in 4th grade, and she has continued choir ever since. She enjoys discovering new bands and creating new playlists that fit any mood she's in! Besides music related hobbies, she also enjoys altering her own clothing!

TB: What inspires you and your fashion sense?

A: A lot of my inspiration comes from what I see other teens, like me, wearing. I use Tik Tok a lot, so I see a lot of cool outfits on other people that I think look really good. I also get inspiration from fashion youtubers, like bestdressed and nava rose.

TB: How would you describe your style?

A: Overall I'd say it's alternative, but it's really hard to label because I like wearing a lot of different styles. I usually pick what I wear based on how I feel! Typically I aim for tight tops and loose pants.

TB: Where are your favorite places to shop?

A: I've been thrifting for years, so the majority of my clothes are from Goodwill.

TB: How long have you been altering your own clothing?

A: [Ever] since quarantine started, I've had a lot more time to start altering my own clothes. I have plenty of old shirts and bottoms that I don't like anymore, so it's fun to spend a whole day sewing them into something that I'd actually wear.




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